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Annunciators with local alarming
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Reference annunciator systems
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LSC Störmelder
  • New value-/First-up indication
  • All DI/DO separately NO/NC
  • All DI/DO time delay separately
  • Optional front panel
  • Modular in-output modules 64DI + 64DO
  • Module connection by CAN-bus
Additional information LSC New value-/First-up indicator
  • Operation-/Faultindicator
  • All DI/DO separately NO/NC
  • Common time delay for DI fault
  • 16 DI operation and 16DI fault
  • Version New value-/First-up indication
  • Version Common alarm indication
  • DI NO/NC in two groups
  • Optional time delay
  • Various voltage versions
  • Version with 08 or 16DI
AS-D16 Operation-/Faultindicator LSE Annunciator
  • 12 channel common alarm indicator
  • Version with integrated lamp test
  • Version with integrated buzzer
  • Version mit negative inputs
  • 12 DI
  • Common alarm indicator
  • Master module with 4DI NO
  • Group module with 8DI NO
  • Version for 230VAC
  • Version for 24VAC/DC
AS1200 Common alarm indicator LSB Common alarm indicator
  • New value-/First-up indication
  • Manual or automatic reset
  • Time delay for DI 1+2
  • Inputs NO/NC globally
  • Optional external DO
  • Version for 16 or 32DI
  • Version New value-/First-up indication
  • Version Common alarm indicator
  • Master module with 8DI NO
  • Group module with 8DI NO
  • Voltage 24VDC
AS500 New value-/First-up indicatior LSA Annuciator